Current Status

This is a website documenting the construction of my first and not last homebuilt airplane.  I’ll be building an RV-3 from Vans Aircraft.  If you’re not an aviation enthusiast and you don’t know what an RV-3 is, then before you read any farther you need to check out So it’s a single seat sport aerobatic plane with a top speed of 207mph.  It’s primarily constructed of aluminum and held together with about 13,000 rivets. I estimate this plane will take about 2000 man-hours and 5 years to build.  I’m sure it will be the most challenging and rewarding project I’ve ever worked on.  So check back often to keep up to date on how it’s coming!

My name is Rob Holmes, Email me at if you have any questions or comments.

Current Status: On 12/11/2011 N59LG flew for the first time.  You can see a few videos of the first flight on youtube by searching rph142.  It has been a great ride and I hope I have as much fun flying it as I did building!



Exterior Dimensions Speeds  
Span 19 ft 11 in Top Speed 207 mph
Length 19 ft Cruise [75% @ 8000 ft] 196 mph
Height 5 ft Cruise [50% @ 8000 ft] 176 mph
Wing Area 90 sq. ft Stall Speed 51 mph
Weights Ground Performance  
Empty Weight 845 lbs Takeoff Distance 300 ft
Gross Weight 1250 lbs Landing Distance 350 ft
Baggage 50 lbs Climb/Ceiling  
Powerplant Rate of Climb 2,050 ft
Engine 160 hp Ceiling 23,500 ft
Propeller 68 x 76 Catto 2 Blade Range  
Fuel Capacity 30 US gal Range [75% @ 8000 ft] 595 sm
Technical Data Range [55% @ 8000 ft] 715 sm
Short Period f 6 rad/sec    
Phugoid f 40 sec/period    
Dutch Roll f 4 rad/sec    
Spiral Mode Neutral    
Max Roll Rate 170 deg/sec    
Stick Force Per G 12-14 lbs    
Stick Force @ Max Aileron 40 lbs    
Data provided by a mid 90's RVator